Shelley Gratzon

My upcoming cookbook “Crouching Tofu, Hidden Zucchini / Vegetarian for Kids Who Don’t Like Vegetables” was created to help parents (vegetarian or not) get veggies into veggie-adverse kids. And I know there are plenty of non-veggie- loving adults out there who can benefit from this too!

As the title also implies, getting adequate protein is another priority for vegetarians, so many of my recipes use tofu.

Tofu is basically very simple in its flavor — but it has the versatility to absorb flavors and be easily transformed into burgers, balls, quiche, “steaks”, tacos, and on and on…lots of kid-friendly (and adult-friendly) stuff. So tofu is an ideal vehicle to combine with blended veggies that are at least non-descript— and often “invisible.” A win-win!

And for a triple win, my tofu-based recipes now taste even better using fresh, Old Capitol Food Co. tofu! And that’s not just because I’m Jake’s mom that I make the claim. The freshness of Old Cap tofu makes a huge difference!

Here’s a sneak peak… Enjoy.

Serving five

Veggie Burgers (or balls)

by Shelley Gratzon
Serving four to six

Sloppy Joes

by Shelley Gratzon
Serving five to six

Crouching Tofu

by Shelley Gratzon
Serving four

Tofu Stroganoff

by Shelley Gratzon